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Download Photon Browser on your phone now!

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Photon Browser
Thank you for downloading Photon Android!
Photon is a mobile browser that offers full support for Flash content. You can use Photon just like you would use a regular browser such as Google Chrome, with the additional benefit of being able to view Flash-based content. Some of your favourite games and videos need Adobe Flash software. With the help of Photon, you can access these without having to download any more additional softwares/plug-ins. Our short Tutorial below will highlight the important things you need to know about using Photon.
Getting Started
Keyboard & Cursor Options
Premium Upgrade
Full Screen Mode
Getting Started
In order to activate Flash mode, please click on the Lightning Bolt icon on the top right. Your Flash content will load shortly.
The Flash version of the website can be seen in the image above.
Settings Menu
To access the settings panel, click on the gear shaped icon on the top right. You can modify the settings based on your preference and use case.
Keyboard and Cursor Options
Once in Flash mode, find the keyboard and cursor options on the bottom right. There are three cursor options – touch mode, mouse mode and drag mode. For more details regarding how these work, click here.
Premium Upgrade
Upgrade to our Premium version to enjoy several benefits such as no more banner ads, higher performance speed, full screen video mode and many more features. For Photon Premium details, Click here.
Bandwidth Configuration
Adjust the bandwidth setting based on your network speed for optimal browsing experience. Reduce the bandwidth for a slow network and increase it for a higher network (1 – minimum, 8 – maximum).
Full Screen Control
Set Full Screen mode to ‘Auto’ to allow the toolbars to automatically disappear or set it to ‘Manual’ to have control over the toolbar display.
If you face any problems while using Photon Android, please refer to our FAQ section. If you still face issues, read below.
If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ section, contact us via the Help & Support option in the settings menu.
When emailing us, please explain the problem clearly so that we can understand the issue and provide a fitting solution.


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